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Why should I use Blitz?

Do you want more and better applications for your vacancies? Screen and score candidates faster, as a team? Make instant decisions on who to invite to an interview? Build an employer brand as a responsive, accesible company that is quick to respond and truly takes time for interested applicants? Then give it a try, we bet you will love it. We call it "real time recruiting" and it will be the best thing you ever did to your employer brand, give it a try and let the results convince you.

What does it do?

Blitz adds real time messaging to your recruitment efforts and enables you to use that popular channel to communicate with candidates. It gives them a low-barrier, direct communication channel to you and their future collegaues, on Slack. You can use it in job postings, direct search and on your career site. It also assists you in screening and evaluating those candidates, all within Slack, no need for new tools.

How does it work exactly?

For each opening on your career page, you can create a Blitz link or Button with a few clicks. Then use this link on the apply button on jobboards, as a "chat now" button within your job postings, in your direct search communication (e.g. on linkedin) or on your career page. When a candidate clicks on the link, he gets to a (mobile optimized) landing page where he can choose between 2 options: directly get in touch with you via chat or use one of the "classic" application methods (email, application form, etc - whatever you want him to use for that specific job). If he choses to chat, he will be pre-screened and forwarded to a private chat room within your existing Slack interface. You can decide who from your organization should be invited to that chatroom, depending on the job the applicant is interested in.

Won't my team get seriously distracted by all those chats with applicants?

We know about this and specifically designed Blitz to solve this very challenge: offering real time access to your team for candidates whithout distracting this team from their actual work.To learn more about features like automatic pre-screening, candidate scoring and many more, please get in touch.

What is Slack?

Slack is a an awesome coroporate communication tool for your company. It's free and used by tens of thousands of companies all over the world, check it out here [link].

Do I have to use yet another recruitment tool?

No, everything is happening within your well-known Slack interface. No new tools, no getting acquainted to new interfaces, just keep on doing what you already know how to do.

Our company is not using Slack, can I still use Blitz?

Blitz cannot be used without Slack. However, Slack is free and you can set up an account with a few clicks. As it does not have to be used by your whole organization, we strongly suggest you give it a try, we think it is an awesome tool.

How much does Blitz cost?

Blitz is forever free in its basic version. Promised. We also offer premium features for a monthly fee, please refer to the pricing page for details.

Who uses Blitz?

Blitz is used by some of the worlds most successful and innovative companies. It also serves small companies without dedicated HR resources to be as effective as the big ones.

Is Blitz for me / my company?

Our experience is that any company and HR department benefits from using Blitz. We will happily help you find out whether this holds true for you, please get in touch, we take real time for you.

Blitz asks for extensive access to my Slack communications. Is my data safe? Do you really need that?

Yes, your data is safe, we treat it according to the highest standards and use cutting edge technology to ensure your privacy and the privacy of your applicants. We operate servers across the globe and comply with German data protection law, one of the world's fiercest. You remain the owner of your data and we will never share it with third parties. Ever. If you need more detail on how we ensure data security and privacy, please get in touch.

What is real time recruiting?

For Blitz, real time recruiting means 2 things: First, it means realtime in the sense of immediate response and speed for your recruitment processes and the speed with which you are able to react to candidates' interest in your company. Secondly, we mean real time in the sense of taking quality time for the candidate who is showing interest in your company, to be accessible as a whole team to the talent out there. Real time recruiting will be the best thing you ever did to your employer brand, try it for free and let the results convince you.

Which languages does Blitz support?

For the start we support English and German (yes, this is engineering made in Germany!), other languages are soon to follow.

I already use an ATS (applicant tracking system) and/or a multiposting tool. Does Blitz work with those?

The Blitz Premium plan offers integrations with many ATS and multiposting tools and provides an API for you to use Blitz from whatever system you have. Still not finding what you are looking for? Get in touch and we will find a solution.

Who is the team behind Blitz?

We are seasoned technology entrepreneurs with a background in HR and realtime communications, operating out of Berlin and Stuttgart (Germany). We strive to deliver the finest engineering "made in Germany" you can get to empower your recruitment. We are living accesibility, client advocacy and speed by example.

My question is not on this list, can you help?

Of course we can! Our support team is personally available for you during European office hours or will respond to your mesagge within 24h. Any message that is not answered within 12 hours will go directly to the CEO's inbox, who will keep the 24h promise personally. Get in touch and you will receive the answers you are looking for.

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