Real Time

Blitz connects talent with companies in real time via instant messaging. Companies recruit with their whole organisation, using their existing team communcation tools.

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Explore Opportunities

Getting in touch has never been easier!

More & better candidates

Lower barrier to connect: attend explorers and passive candidates in the very moment of curiosity about your job posting or message.

Less hassle for applicants

No application forms, no "getting together your documents". Get information about an opportunity from the source, instantly.

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Assess the Fit

Faster screening with immediate feedback.

Boost your employer brand

Using Blitz, employers solve the conflict of "interruption via messenger" vs. "accessibility to candidates". There are few things as attractive as company that reacts fast and with real people.

Immediate feedback for applicants

Companies asses your basic fit with the position immediately. No more time wasted on applying to jobs that are not for you. Get stuff done!

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Meet the Team

Talking personally right from the outset.

Involve the whole organization in recruitment

The whole hiring team can participate in chats with talented candidates, Evaluations and decisions are done as a team. Take better decisions and reduce hiring mistakes - because recruiting a team sport.

Direct access to team and hiring managers

Chat personally with your future team. On Blitz, they actually take the time to give you the answers you need.

Experience Real Time Recruitment

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FAQ & Contact

Any questions?

To get more and better applications for your vacancies. To screen and score candidates faster, as a team and make instant decisions on who to invite to an interview. To build an employer brand as a responsive, accesible company that is quick to respond and truly takes time for interested applicants. Try it for free and let the results convince you.

Real Time Recruitment means realtime in the literal sense of an immediate reaction to talents' interest and a lightning fast recruitment process. But more importantly, it also means real time whole teams can take quality time for candidates, they become accessible and recruit their future team mates together.

No, Blitz works with any recruitment process, software, system and all recruitment media possible. The caht interface for candidates is also platform independent and is perfectly optimized for use from mobile devices as well.

No, we specifically designed Blitz to solve this very challenge offering real time access to your team for candidates whithout distracting this team from their actual work.To learn more about features like automatic pre-screening, candidate scoring and many more, just try our service, it's free.

Slack is an awesome communication tool for your team. It's free and used by tens of thousands of companies all over the world.

No, Blitz cannot be used without Slack. However, Slack is free and you can set up an account with a few clicks. It does not even have to be used by your whole organization from the start, try it with a small team first. In any case, we strongly suggest you give it a try because we feel it is an awesome communication tool.

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